About Us

The Friends for Life Foundation Inc. files an IRS Form 990-EZ. Friends for Life is an all volunteer organization. No full or part-time staff members are employed.

  • Contact: Charmagne Helton, President
  • Website: http://friendsforlifega.org/
  • E-mail: friendsforlifepresident@phiphiomega.com
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • No. of Board Members: 12
  • No. of Full Time Employees: 0
  • No. of Part-Time Employees: 0
  • Volunteers: 182
  • Audited Statements Available to Public: Yes

  • Funding

    This organization is seeking and relies on funds from contributions and grants. These funds will be used for unrestricted distribution of scholarship, grant awards and minor operating expenses.

    Locations Served

    US, North Fulton County, Georgia and Metropolitan Atlanta communities


    990-EZ Tax Forms
    2015 End of Year Summary
    2015 Planning Session

    Board of Directors

    Kim E. Slaughter, CEO
    Charmagne Helton, President
    Shevawn Broxton Young, Vice President
    Erika Eberhardt, Secretary
    Natasha Ptomey, Treasurer
    Tramell Alexander, Financial Secretary
    Antoinette Johnson, Assistant Financial Secretary
    Yolanda Brumfield, Director
    Zelphia Hawkins, Director
    Michelle Livingston, Director
    Vanessa J. Payne, Director
    Carlene Redmond, Director
    Angie Thompson, Director